ZETOR by Pininfarina to be introduced in several countries

Brno, 11 February 2016 – At the end of 2015, ZETOR introduced its new design direction in the form of the ZETOR by Pininfarina concept.

PF 2016

We wish you all the best for the New Year and may your dreams come true. We are looking forward to working with you again in 2016.

Have a merry Christmas and a peaceful holiday, and best wishes for the New Year from ZETOR TRACTORS a.s.

ZETOR attains success at Agritechnica, the largest agricultural fair in Europe.

Hannover, Brno, 20 November 2015 - The ZETOR brand met with success at the Agritechnica fair held in Hannover.

ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. presents the future direction of the brand and new models at Agritechnica

Hannover/Brno, 10 November, 2015 – ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. has presented its future strategy at the Agritechnica fair in Hannover; the company is aiming to expand its portfolio of four series to a total of six.

AGRITECHNICA 2015 – where to find us

See the map below showing where you can find ZETOR stand.

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ZETOR brings a new design concept. The project has benefited from cooperation with Pininfarina, a leading global studio.

Brno, 16 October 2015 – The traditional Czech manufacturer of agriculture machinery, ZETOR TRACTORS a.s., is set to introduce a range of innovations at the Agritechnica Fair in Hannover...

Zetor presents its 2016 calendar

Brno, November 6, 2015 - Zetor Tractors has introduced its 2016 calendar onto the market. The theme is the Zetor brand's 70th anniversary. Zetor was founded in 1946.

Red is the colour of life, energy and fortitude. A ZETOR with red wheels is proof of this.

Did you know that most people perceive red a stimulating colour, and that this colour is popular with people who desire adventure and success?

The 5th annual ZETOR TRACTOR show is carrying on successfully

The anniversary 5th ZETOR TRACTOR SHOW, which opened in Ireland this April, is successfully moving through other countries. The opportunity to test ZETOR tractors in combination with various implements has already attracted more than 8,500 farmers, municipality representatives and fans at 65 venues in 10 countries.

The legend returns! ZETOR introduces the new CRYSTAL with a six-cylinder engine

Brno, 25 June 2015: The traditional Czech producer of agricultural machinery, ZETOR TRACTORS a.s., has expanded its line of modern tractors by a new model called the CRYSTAL.

Celebration of ZETOR POLSKA’s 20th anniversary culminated with the May Fest

The Polish affiliation of ZETOR TRACTORS celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. The celebration culminated on May 10 with a May Fest that ZETOR POLSKA held for its customers, business partners and fans. Almost 1,000 people came out for the event, which was held at a field next to the main road between Kalisz and Pleszew.

ZETOR POLSKA celebrates 20 years of activity on the Polish market

Kalisz/Brno, 15 May 2015 – This year, the company ZETOR POLSKA is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its operations on the Polish market.

ZETOR Innovates and Expands the MAJOR Model Series

Brno, 6th March 2015: Starting this February, ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. is expanding its MAJOR model series. The reported newcomers are the MAJOR 60 with an engine power of 61 horsepower, and MAJOR 80 with an engine power of 75 horsepower.

Zetor engines meet strict emission standards

Brno, December 8th 2014: ZETOR TRACTORS a.s., which manufactures the most compression ignition engines in the Czech Republic, has developed Zetor engines that meet the very strict STAGE IV emission limits, which is important with respect to the applicable regulations of the European Union.

ZETOR TRACTOR SHOW 2014 in numbers

The promo trucks and “Funny Van” that drove the ZETOR TRACTOR SHOW (ZTS) through 19 countries around the world, starting from this March, are already resting in their garages.

Zetor Breaks Records

Brno 24 November 2014 – The longest moving tractor parade and largest gathering of tractors from one manufacturing brand – both of these records were broken by Specagra, the Zetor tractor distributor from Lithuania. It was an original way to celebrate 15 years on the market.

Zetor Forterra celebrates success at the races in Latvia

The winner of the tractor speed competition organised within Tractor Day (Traktordiena 2014) in Latvia was the Zetor Forterra 135 in its performance category. The machine from this traditional Czech brand won in Latvia for the third time already, following up on its successes in 2011 and 2012.


For the fourth time, ZETOR TRACTORS is organizing a promotional event for professionals and the general public - the ZETOR TRACTOR SHOW. This year’s event is exceptional, both in terms of the number of individual stops as well as the number of countries visited.

Zetor Shifts Up In Performance With The New Forterra HD

Brno, Czech Republic—Traditional Czech manufacturer of agricultural technology, ZETOR TRACTORS a. s. is expanding its range of modern tractors to include the new Forterra HD model. For Zetor, its arrival marks a shift into the 150 horsepower performance category.

Zetor with a new anti-corrosion cab frame

Brno, 20 February, 2014: The Zetor brand has always made product quality a top priority. One of the key tractor components – the cab – will now come equipped with a frame by Zetor’s new business partner, Agrikon KAM of Hungary.

Zetor records year-on-year growth yet again with a profit increase of 7 %

Brno 17th February 2014: Economic results for 2013 published today reveal favourable development for the manufacturer of tractor technology, Zetor Group. According to company information, consolidated profits prior to taxation amounted to 323 million CZK, which translates into year-on-year growth of 7%.

Zetor cooperates with the world’s largest front loader manufacturer, Ålö AB

Brno 27 November, 2013 – In November ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. concluded an important cooperation agreement with Ålö AB.


For the third time and with a success, ZETOR TRACTORS Company has organized ZETOR FAMILY TRACTOR SHOW.

Zetor Major reaps international success – demand exceeds manufacturer’s expectations by almost 60 %

Brno 23rd October 2013: The traditional Czech manufacturer ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. has grasped the situation on the European market in agricultural equipment to perfection.

A Wedding Major Zetor Charmed the Bride More than her New Husband

People are usually accustomed to seeing tractors in the field where they help farmers in their everyday work. New Major Zetor decided to break this stereotype by making its way right into a wedding ceremony.

Zetor reports a 47% profit growth for 1H2013

Despite the negative trend in agriculture, the Zetor group, traditional Czech tractor manufacturer, has managed to raise its consolidated profit before tax, increasing it by 47% year-on-year to the present 200 million crowns.

Zetor Gallery

The traditional Czech manufacturer of tractors presented the new Zetor Gallery today, thus a multipurpose hall, which brings the Zetor brand closer to its fans and business partners.

Zetor Gallery welcomes its first visitors on 17 June

Brno, 13 June 2013: The traditional Czech manufacturer of tractors presented the new Zetor Gallery today, thus a multipurpose hall, which brings the Zetor brand closer to its fans and business partners.

Zetor Gallery To Open Its Doors Soon

Brno, 30 May 2013: Preparations are culminating for the opening of the Zetor Gallery, a new multipurpose space that will present the traditional Czech brand Zetor to tractor fans.

News for 2013 at the third year of the ZETOR FAMILY TRACTOR SHOW

Brno, 15 May 2013: The powerful and extended Forterra HSX model, the brand new Zetor Major as well as diverse accompanying program including test drives are the main attractions this year’s ZETOR FAMILY TRACTOR SHOW offers to fans.

Zetor Major heads towards series manufacturing

Brno, February 21, 2013 – This week ZETOR TRACTORS a.s., a well-established producer of agricultural machinery, is beginning serial production of its new tractor Zetor Major.

In 2012, Zetor Group achieved earnings of 284 million Czech Crowns amounting to an annual increase of almost 140 %

2012 was an extraordinarily successful year for the Zetor Group. According to the economic results published today, one of the top Czech producers of agricultural equipment achieved consolidated profit before taxation to the amount of 284 million Czech Crowns.

New at Zetor - the legendary Major returns

Brno, 8th November: Earlier on today, the modern manufacturer of tractors, Zetor presented a new model. It refers to the Zetor Major – a smaller-sized compact tractor in the output category of up to 80 Horsepower.

Growth continues for Zetor – reporting pre-tax profits of 216 million Czech Crowns for the first 3 quarters in 2012

Brno, 5th November 2012: Zetor group, the traditional manufacturer of tractor technology, has reported a successful first three quarters. The consolidated economic result prior to taxation, published today for the first 9 months of this year totalled 216 million Czech Crowns.

New Zetor tractor model series collects several international awards

Brno, 5 September 2012: Zetor has acquired the prestigious Zlatý klas s kytičkou 2012 and Zlatý kosák 2012 award for its new Zetor Forterra HSX tractor series.

Zetor improves financial results: CZK 136 million profit before tax for first half of 2012

Brno, 14 August, 2012. Positive news for Czech tractor manufacturer Zetor technology group: consolidated profit before tax for the 1st half of this year was CZK 136 million.

Zetor Forterra triumphs at race in Latvia

Brno, 18th June 2012: Nothing could beat the Zetor Forterra in the Tractor Race which is the main highlight at the Traktordiena (Tractor Day), an agricultural technology show held in Latvia. The machine from the Czech brand triumphed in the 80 – 120 horsepower category and as such was able to defend its first place position from the previous year. Local distributor of agricultural technology, Agrimatco Latvia competed with its tractor.


The ZETOR FAMILY TRACTOR SHOW got underway in celebratory style on 31st May at Vyškov airfield offering fans of agricultural technology the chance to try out the latest models from the traditional Czech manufacturer, the company Zetor. In total, Zetor will be presenting at 18 destinations in 5 countries around Europe.

Zetor Forterra 135: farmers from all over the world attest to its low fuel consumption

The Zetor Forterra 135 model with its new 16 valve engine is not only valued by experts but also users. To cite one example, we received a highly positive review from American farmer, Mark Harper

Zetor increased revenues by almost 50% in the first quarter

This year started well for the Zetor Group, the traditional Czech manufacturer of agricultural machinery – in the first quarter it reported revenues of over 1 billion CZK, which is a growth of 46% compared to the same period in the previous year.

Zetor won a gold medal for its unique HitchTronic function at an international trade fair in Poland

Zetor was awarded a gold medal for its new automatic HitchTronic rear three-point suspension control at this year’s Agrotech, the largest spring agricultural technology fair in Poland.

Techagro 2012

Zetor presented its vision for the future at Techagro 2012 and its hit product for 2012 – the Forterra HSX...

New model for 2012: Zetor Forterra HSX – a smart choice for everyone

Traditional Czech agricultural technology manufacturer Zetor has expanded its line of time-tested tractors this year. The new Forterra HSX offers many technological innovations that ensure higher performance, comfort and safety and also significantly raise its use value.

Zetor’s increasing presence on the Iraqi market

ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. has been increasing its presence on the Iraqi market since last year's entry. Its contract to deliver 1,500 tractors a year between 2011 and 2013 is well under way. In 2011, it delivered to its Iraqi dealer network a total of 70 Zetor Antars as planned. A special atmospheric engine makes this model particularly suitable for the tough and dusty conditions of the Iraqi desert…


We would like to invite you to visti our exposition at Techagro - international trade fair which takes place from March 31st to April the 4th. Hall P, stand 016.

Zetor Group’s profit in the first three quarters of 2011 reached CZK 90m.

Traditional Czech tractor manufacturer, the Zetor Group, achieved consolidated profit before taxes of CZK 80 million during the first three quarters of 2011. During the first nine months a total of 3,305 tractors were produced, whereas the plan for the whole year is to manufacture 4,465 tractors. At the end of 2011 the company is to introduce a new feature – automatic regulation of the rear three-point linkage, the HitchTronic.

Unique innovation by Zetor

The tractor gets adjusted to terrain conditions automatically!

Zetor has introduced a unique technological innovation making the job of all farmers easier. HitchTronic is a new function which automatically regulates the rear three-point hitch so that the tractor gets adjusted to the terrain without the necessity of the operator to control it.

Zetor Day

The seventh Zetor Day was held in the area of ZETOR TRACTORS on 26th October. It was an opportunity for more than 250 customers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, of course, including our authorized dealer network for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, to learn more about the news for 2012. Among other things, there were introduced Forterra and Proxima models for 2012, presented extensive information about the particle filter, Stage IIIB emission standard or automatic shifting of power shift for Proxima Power and Forterra Power.

Simple and clever

The October issue of British Profi Internation magazine presented a review of our Forterra 135 tractor. And here it is for you to download from our website.

New approach launched to drive down rural crime

Dorset Police has unveiled its latest tool to tackle rural crime – a 3.5 tonne tractor.

Long awaited book on the history of Zetor tractors

The book is an illustrated history of Zetor. An account of the impressive development of Czech engineering and one of the best known Czechoslovakian industrial groups, Zbrojovka Brno, tells the fascinating story of how an arms manufacturer in Brno, the “Manchester” of Moravia, turned to a tractor maker after World War II.  


The Zetor Group and its continuous success

The Zetor Group, traditional Czech manufacturer of tractor machinery, achieved in the first half of the year 2011 consolidated profit before tax in the amount of CZK 54 million. However, the most important reward was the success in a tough test conducted by the German Agricultural Society (DLG), according to which the Zetor Forterra 135 with a new 16-valve engine is one of the most fuel-efficient tractors on the market.

Zetor Forterra 135 – extremely efficient engines break records and win prestigious awards

The Zetor Forterra 135 tractor with a new 16-valve engine has won one of the most prestigious awards in a tough test conducted by the German Agricultural Society (DLG).


This year, Zetor tractor confirmed its excellent driving properties - Zetor Forterra 135 won in one of the tractor groups and took 1. place!

Information about merger of ZETOR TRACTORS a.s., Zetor Trade, s.r.o. and ZETOR P.D.C., a.s.

Dear business partners,
Further to our previous correspondence, we would hereby like to inform you about the merger of the following companies...

UK Dealers Satisfaction Chart

Zetor ranked 4th among all brands in the UK.

New success in Brazil

Traditional Czech tractor producer – Zetor – has achieved an extraordinary goal in Brazil for year 2010. In times, when Czech industry is shaken by the world-wide crisis, Zetor is signing the important Contract for more than 600 units delivery for forthcoming season. Generally we can call this message as pioneering for longingly awaited Czech engineering recovery.