Zetor Major

A reliable tractor in the mediumcapacity class, with excellent price-topower ratio.

  • time-proven concept
  • high reliability
  • simple servicing
  • robust, frame-reinforced body
  • easy to maintain
  • maximum lifting capacity 2,400 kg

A universal wheeled farm tractor, intended for working with agricultural implements, industrial aggregates and for agricultural transport, it has been designed to honour the basic pillars of the Zetor brand. With its power category under 80 hp, Zetor Major builds on one of the most successful models in zetor’s history. This reliable, eficient and easy-to-maintain model has already acquired the reputation of a tractor that has been in service for a lifetime.

These qualities, and the excellent price-topower ratio, are appreciated mainly by owners of family and smaller farms.

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Technical parameters

MODEL 60 80
Stage III B Type TCD 2.9 L4
Homologated Power kW/HP (2000/25/EC) 45/61,2 55,4/75,3
Rated Speed (rpm) 2,200
Number of Cylinders 4
Number of Valves 8
Aspiration Turbocharged
Bore/Stroke (mm) 92/110
Displacement (cm³) 2 925
Max. Torque – 2000/25/EC (Nm) 244 300
Improvement of Torque – (2000/25/EC) (%) 26 25
Stage III A Type 1105
Homologated Power kW/HP (2000/25/EC) 55,6/76
Rated Speed (rpm) 2,200
Number of Cylinders 4
Number of Valves 8
Aspiration Turbocharged
Bore/Stroke (mm) 92/110
Displacement (cm³) 4 156 
Max. Torque – 2000/25/EC (Nm) 317
Improvement of Torque – (2000/25/EC) (%) 35
Type Mechanical
Reverser Mechanical under steering wheel
Shifting Fully synchronized
Number of Gears (F/R) 12/12
Speed (kph) 30
Type Dependent/Independent
Rear PTO Revolutions 540/1,000
Front PTO Revolutions 1,000
Max. Power of Front PTO (kW) 35
Type Mechanical with regulation
Three-Point Hitch Category II
Control Mechanical
Max. Lift Force (kN) 24
Operating Pressure (MPa) 18
Pump Capacity (l*min-1) 50
Outer circuits (Hydraulic quick couplers) 2+1; 4+1 opt
Hitches Modular CBM hitch system – multi-stage
Roof with Hatch Standard
Seat Mechanical
Steering Wheel Tiltable and telescopic
Air-Conditioning Manual opt
Drive System 4WD
Steering Hydrostatic
Operating/Parking Brakes Wet disc, mechanical control / mechanical control
Trailer Brakes Hydraulic opt or pneumatic single-hose opt
Max. Front Ballast (kg) opt 266
Max. Rear Wheel Ballast (kg) opt 256
Tank Volume (l) 83
Front Mudguards Fixed
Pre-Wiring for Radio Standard
Operating Weight* (kg) 3 165 – 3 300
Max. Length (mm) 4 702
Max. Width (mm) 1 970
Max. Height (mm) 2 580
Wheelbase (mm) 2 210
Front Wheels** (mm) 7,5–16
280/85–24 (11,2–24)
Rear Wheels** (mm) 420/85–28 (16,9–28)
420/85–30 (16,9–30)
 * Without front and rear ballast
** Standard wheels; for more options contact your dealer
opt Optional
Note: The height depends on the size of the wheels.
Subject to change. For detailed specifications, contact your dealer.



Big power in little helper

  • 4 cylinder in-line engine
  • Displacement : 2.9 Liter
  • High Pressure Comon Rail systém
  • Heavy duty external coled EGR
  • Hydraulic valve lifters
  • Turbo engine with charge-air coling
  • Structural block and Oil Pan
  • Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) exhaust after-treatment systems

The exceptional popularity of Zetor engines is based on low fuel consumption, high reliability and simple design – these reward the customer not only with low purchase costs but also low operating costs, great reliability, and low maintenance and service requirements.

No power boost restricted only to certain conditions

Zetor tractors do not use power boost, i.e. power available only under certain conditions. Zetor engines have full power available regardless of what speed the tractor is travelling or whether the PTO.


12 simple steps to productivity

  • Design proven by users
  • Proven long-term function and reliability
  • Simple servicing
  • Smooth change of gears
  • Fully synchronized, four-speed gearbox with three-speed reducer and reverser.
  • 12/12 speeds
  • Maximum speed 30 KPH
  • Rear pto speeds: 540/1,000 or 540/540E.

Major tractors are equipped with a synchro shuttle, a four-speed, fully synchronized gearbox and a three-speed reducer. The number of speeds is 12/12.


Simplicity is strength

  • Mechanical hydraulics with position and force control.
  • Features high lifting capacity, smooth starting control and hydraulic lock function for implement transport.
  • Maximum lifting force 24 KN.
  • Tractor has one or two hydraulic - quick couplings, with a waste return.
  • Mechanical control – high durability and long life.
  • High lifting capacity.
  • Smooth starting control.
  • Quick mounting and securing of implements.
  • Simple and safe handling of ancillary equipment.
  • Hydraulic lock function for implement transport.

The Major model employs mechanically regulated hydraulics, featuring not only high lifting capacity but also smooth starting control, including a hydraulic lock function for transporting implements. The tractor is equipped with either one or two hydraulic quick couplings, and a waste return for driving hydraulic motors.


Roomy and practical

The cab is comfortable and designed with regard to practical use. Plenty of space and ergonomically designed controls facilitate the work of the tractor operator. The cab has a hatch to simplify work with a front loader, and it can be equipped with air-conditioning as an option.

  • Roomy, designed for practical use.
  • Ergonomically designedcontrols – making the operator’s Work easier.
  • Great visibility through the hatch – good view when working with front loader.

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